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COVID-19, The Marathon Plague

There were moments in Italy when the Death-Rate from the Coronavirus exceeded eight percent. And this was when the entire resources of the country were at work opposing and suppressing it. Without suppression strategies being observed and if the virus were allowed to spread without opposition, how high would the death-rate climb?  Ten percent( or […]

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Combating COVID-19 with Zinc and Quercetin

A South Korean research paper has demonstrated in Vitro that by increasing the Zinc concentration in cellular cytoplasm, that viral replication is inhibited. As intracellular levels of Zinc are increased the inhibition of viral replication can reach 100% according to charts within the paper. The researchers used two antimalarial drugs which are Ionophores. Ionophores are […]

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The Krebs Energy Soak

Chronological aging is mirrored by a proportional decline in cellular energy production. The inevitable consequences are lower activity levels, increasing physical frailty, mental decline, and the accumulation of acid and morbid microbes within tissues.  The Krebs or Citric Acid Cycle is the aerobic chemical generator of ATP, the substance that powers all biological processes within […]