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COVID-19 triggering the Global Dimming Paradox and Lethal temperature spikes

Carbon Dioxide once released into the atmosphere has a long term heating effect. The particulate releases of Fossil Fuel combustion has a countering effect of cooling that mitigates the effect of Global Warming called Global Dimming.

Global Dimming results in an increased reflection of sunlight back into space, thereby having a contradictory Cooling Effect on the planet.

The Global Dimming Paradox is that by reducing the emissions of Fossil Fuels is resulting in an overall heating effect. And if emissions are cut suddenly as is occurring now because of COVID-19 we can expect an enormous Heat Spike to ensue shortly after.

Carbon Dioxide once released stays in the atmosphere for years, while the aerosols effecting Global Dimming last only weeks.

Are the heatwaves occurring right now in the S.W. United States, just the beginning of an enormous, morbid Heat Spike in store for us in the coming months?

2 replies on “COVID-19 triggering the Global Dimming Paradox and Lethal temperature spikes”

What about the sun and it’s cycles? Just like tides, seasons and professional sports the SUN has cycles and it’s entering a cooling phase. Check out Martin Armstrong’s blog, he has the worlds largest data base of economic history. Check out Adapt2030 or the Ice-age Farmer for even more research. Does the Sun’s energy output REALLY vary by 20-30%? How would you know? Does your food supply depend on the sun and it’s cycles? Nothing to see here, move on….


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