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COVID-19, The Marathon Plague

There were moments in Italy when the Death-Rate from the Coronavirus exceeded eight percent. And this was when the entire resources of the country were at work opposing and suppressing it. Without suppression strategies being observed and if the virus were allowed to spread without opposition, how high would the death-rate climb? 

Ten percent( or more) might be a reasonable assumption. And at that level the current international Coronavirus Leader, the US would experience well over thirty million victims as the contagion ravished the country. It would devastate. 

Everyone will get the infection eventually. The WHO claims that between sixty and eighty percent of the Worlds population will be infected in the first year of the pandemic. The best defence then is to elevate your health in order to increase your chances of survival. 

There are other problems regarding mutations. Two months ago China released a paper presenting evidence that the virus had already mutated. The original S-form evolved into an L-form that was much more aggressive. So, even if we had a vaccine for the S-form, it likely would not be effective against the new version COVID-19-L.

And as the number of infections rise, the virus has a larger and larger human platform to evolve itself against that will result in even more rapid mutations.

So the proponents of the Heard Immunity Theory should have serious reservations that it will work at all! Immunity by such an aggressive, morphogenic infection may never work.

It’s also premature to claim a vaccine will end this pandemic because “There has never been a successful vaccine developed against any Corona virus!” A vaccine may not even be possible.

If you are expecting a quick sprint don’t…this may be a Marathon with no finish line.

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